About Us

Shooting Brake has been developed by a small group of people with backgrounds in technology, creative and finance. Despite none of us having worked on a forecourt, we are connected in all car circles - from enthusiast groups, to the trade, to motoring journalism and even to manufacturers. We have an unwavering passion for driving, cool design, technology, and interesting stories. Not lost on us is that the likes of Ferrari and Mercedes-Benz have resurrected the Shooting Brake name which we think captures nicely the essence of old meeting new...

Closeup of white Honda NSX on parking lot – Shooting Brake
Evidence continues to support that car buyers and sellers are shifting their focus online to make their transactions. We aim to bring together collectors and enthusiasts from across car cultures and strive for a platform based on integrity for buying and selling your cars. Whether you’re looking for a luxury day-to-day ride, a treasured classic, a weekend thrill, or anything in between, you’ll find it here.
Our auction platform puts integrity at the fore of all transactions. We ensure buyers can bid with complete confidence while for sellers, our continual involvement – from listing preparation right through to handover – offers peace of mind that makes the whole process not only stress-free but also ensures a high level of seller-control. We love being part of this and want you to be a part of our family so please engage on our comments section for listings. Who knows, maybe you’ll come across a car you know well and have a story to share!
If you're thinking about selling your enthusiast car, click here to be directed to our easy to use Sell Your Car page!
Black bmw e46 m3 csl on the road in the forest – Shooting Brake

Why Choose Us?

SB brings car passion and the latest technologies together in a superlative platform that works for both small and large volumes. We have the world’s first auction platform that utilises advanced machine learning to tangibly improve the buying, bidding and selling experience. With mass, this will lead to increased sales due to relevance and higher exposure of the right vehicles to the right buyers. The SB search functions work like no other as they customise the search predictions to the user in real-time.

Amir and Scott look forward to working with you.